A fishmonger knows best how to source, filet and distribute fish. They also have a knack for identifying fresh, local and quality seafood.

When The Fishmonger says something is "Fishmonger Approved" it means that it has earned the Best in Class seal of approval as a top quality product, dish or service. If you prepare great seafood, we will share it. If you sell seasonally fresh fish, we will promote it. If you provide top quality service and products, we will highlight your company. If you've earned a Fishmonger Approval, you are considered the  Best In Class!

Do you think you've got what it takes to be Fishmonger Approved? Learn more about our Fishmonger Approved Restaurant Evaluation (F.A.R.E.) Certification.


We envision a world where tilapia is no longer the go-to fish and everyone has access to fresh, locally sourced fish.

MY mission

The mission of Fishmonger Approved is to share the insight, resources, and skills needed to source, serve and celebrate fresh fish.


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As the founder of the famous Maximo Seafood Shack Restaurant in St Petersburg, FL, Margaret knows a thing or two about quality seafood. As one of few female fishmongers, Margaret knows what it takes to be successful in a male-dominated industry.

Fishmongers know best how to source and prepare quality fish. They also know how to identify top quality seafood. Margaret now uses her experience and passion for seafood to bring Florida Seafood FINatics her favorite fish recipes, fishing tips, food reviews and fish facts.


Marketing Director (AKA Fishmonger's Wife)

Rachel is the owner of Marketing Mapper and OUTCOAST.com. Her marketing and online digital blog experience is an asset to the Fishmonger Approved brand. When she's not behind the computer updating our website and managing social media, she's got a camera, iPhone or GoPro in hand, so make sure to SMILE when you see her.


Bait and Tackled Turned Seafood Restaurant

The Maximo Seafood Shack was a magical place. Originally a bait n' tackle shop, the Shack was built in the 1950's and continued to operate until it was torn down in 2016 for marina renovations. I purchased the bait 'n tackle in 2011 and shortly thereafter expanded it's offerings to include beer, wine and food.

I remember my first few days at the Shack, waiting at the end of the dock for patrons to show up. Minutes turned into hours and hours into days. Then something incredible happened! People found the Shack. And they brought their friends. And their friends brought new friends. And all of a sudden, tourists from all over the world were flocking to the Maximo Seafood Shack. We served the freshest fish and best grouper sandwich in the region. We also provided a water-to-table experience that you couldn't get anywhere else along the coast. Patrons drove hours out of their way to show us love.

When the Shack was forced to close in 2016, it broke my heart. My wife will tell you that the Maximo Seafood Shack was my greatest love. And she's not jealous about it either. She's right. Nothing will ever replace what once was, but it lives on in stories, memories and the video shown above, created by one of our biggest fans, Robert Neff.

The Shack still holds fond memories, not only for me, but for those who experienced her energy, atmosphere and cuisine. Three years later, I am still stopped daily by prior patrons in hopes that the Shack will return. Unfortunately, it won't (unless there is an angel investor out there who enjoys a delicious grouper sandwich). However, my goal is to make sure that all who read what I share know where to source the best seafood, how to recognize fresh seafood and how to prepare some of my favorite dishes.

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