Become Fishmonger Approved

Become Certified as a Fishmonger Approved Restaurant

Do you feel that your restaurant offers top quality seafood? Then consider becoming recognized as a Fishmonger Approved restaurant.

If your restaurant receives a score of 30+ out of 40 on our Fishmonger Approved Restaurant Evaluation (FARE), then we'll add you to our Fishmonger Approved "Best In Class" Directory at NO COST TO YOU and you will receive a FARE certification to hang on your wall. 

If you decide to invest further in marketing your business throughout our platform, you now have the option to do so. Non-approved restaurants do not qualify for marketing opportunities on So if you prove to us that you are the The Best in Class, then we're happy to promote you!

Restaurants do not need to be considered "seafood restaurants" to qualify. As long as your restaurant offers a minimum of three (3) seafood options to patrons, you are eligible to move onto the next phase of the FARE process.

No Purchase required. We're just here to promote the Best In Class so everyone can enjoy fresh, delicious seafood!

To meet Fishmonger Approved Standards, you must answer the following questions about your restaurant:
How old is your establishment? *
From where do you source your seafood? (Up to 3 Points) *
Has your restaurant failed any food safety inspections within the last 12 months? (Up to 2 Points) *
Do you have a fishmonger on site (someone who fillets fish)? (Up to 2 points) *
Which of these local seafood options do you offer (regularly or occasionally) at your establishment? (Up to 3 points)
What other seafood options on this list do you offer (non-locally sourced) at your establishment? (Up to 2 points)
Are you open to showing us your kitchen so we can assess cleanliness, process and confirm seafood sourcing/filleting? (Up to 3 points)
*May not be applicable to all locations. If not, points won't be factored into total score.
A Fishmonger food tasting is required to receive certification. Please select preferred times of day.
*Worth up to 20 points and based on Taste, Presentation, Service, Price Point/Value, and Consistency.
Thank you for providing us with this information. We will review this information and reach out to you to schedule a visit.
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