Fisheries Management Works, Studies Find

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The University of Washington recently completed a decades long study of fisheries from around the globe.  

The report shows that many fish caught around the globe are from growing stocks. The monitoring of these fish show fisheries management is working.  

The University discovered fishery success through an international project to refute the narrative that fish stocks are declining worldwide.  The results were published January 13th.  

The project also shows where poor management in fisheries, previously leading to declines, were corrected.  

There are still many fisheries that weren’t assessed due to smaller size and scattered locations. Fisheries in India, Indonesia and China represent 30% to 40% of the world’s fish catch that isn’t assessed.  So any information received isn’t standardized and can be difficult to add to registers.  

Overall results show that fisheries management works when applied correctly and the solution for sustaining fisheries around the world is effective fisheries management.

Fisheries management should fit the characteristics of the different fisheries and needs of specific countries and regions for it to be successful. Large-scale industrial fisheries in developed countries need different techniques than small-scale fisheries, especially in regions with limited economic and technical resources and weak governance systems need.  

Read more about the report here.  

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