Global Aquaculture Alliance Calls For End to Wild Vs. Farmed Debate

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The Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) brought together panelists in an attempt to end the decades-old battle over wild vs farmed seafood. 

GAA President George Chamberlin says when the fight began in the 1970’s aquaculture was very experimental. Since then it has taken over much of the seafood industry, revolutionizing how we get our seafood. 

“It’s an absolute fact that without aquaculture we’re not going to have enough food to feed the world as it continues to grow. We’re not going to be able to provide the seafood that the world needs,” said Brian Perkins, the Marine Stewardship Council’s regional director of the Americas region. 

Experts feel consumers are confused about their seafood. As a result, when the debate over wild vs farmed seafood arises they avoid seafood altogether.  

A recent study found that consumers have no preference on whether their seafood is wild or farmed. Environmentally sourced seafood is of greater importance.

The World Health Organization advises consuming eight ounces of seafood weekly, or 26 pounds per person per year. 

Panelists also noted that confusing consumer labels may discourage sales.  They pitched the idea of a universal seafood label that reads “responsibly, sustainably harvested seafood,” without mention of production method. 

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