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Maximo Seafood Shack Smoked Whitefish Spread

Yields32 ServingsPrep Time1 hrTotal Time1 hr

A unique version of fish spread as it contains healthy portions of fish and moderate amounts of mayo and cream cheese. This spread was created with customer influence for Maximo Seafood Shack. I called it whitefish spread simply because we used any type of "white" fish available, from grouper to amberjack, with exception of salmon.

 4 lbs smoked whitefish
 16 oz cream cheese
 8 oz Dukes mayonnaise
  cup Worcestershire sauce
 1 small red onion
 3 heart of celery stalks
 2 whole carrots, root ends removed
 ¼ cup Rub Blend
 2 tsp key lime juice
 1 tsp red-hot sauce
Prepare Spread

Cut onion into quarters, celery and carrots in halves, and coarsely chop all veggies in food processor. Remove from processor and set aside in large bowl.


Tear smoked fish into pieces being certain to remove any stray bones. Pulse/mix fish in food processor until fish is broken into small pieces. Remove fish from processor and put in bowl with celery and carrots.


Put mayonnaise, cream cheese, Worcestershire sauce, key lime juice, hot sauce and seasoning in food processor. Blend until everything is mixed completely for 2-3 minutes. Pour mix over everything else in bowl.


Wearing latex gloves, mix all ingredients by hand.


Spoon spread into ½ pound plastic containers (as done at Maximo Seafood Shack) and refrigerate. Lasts for up to 6 days in refrigerator.

Nutrition Facts

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