Maximo Seafood Shack Smoked Whitefish SpreadBy The FishmongerA unique version of fish spread as it contains healthy portions of fish and moderate amounts of mayo and cream cheese. This spread was created with customer influence for Maximo Seafood Shack. I called it whitefish spread simply because we used any type of "white" fish available, from grouper to amberjack, with exception of salmon.
Papaya Pico de GalloBy The FishmongerThis is a delicious version of Pico de Gallo. Flavorful and slightly sweet, it has a heat kick but no onion or vinegar added, so it can be used as an addition to other main entry items that already have an acid and complimentary onion spice.
Shack Peel n’ Eat ShrimpBy The FishmongerPeel and Eat Shrimp were a favorite staple item at Maximo Seafood Shack. We would prepare the shrimp every morning before opening and set them inside the display case in a large bowl alongside the other seafood items that were for sale. Our peel and eat shrimp were very popular because of the quality of shrimp we used (large wild Argentine or Gulf shrimp), the seasoning, and method of preparation.
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