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Pasta e Vongole con GamberiBy The FishmongerThis simple but elegant seafood dish features fresh Florida clams from Pine Island and Gulf white shrimp delivered directly via Benny B's Seafood Trading Company Inc.
Shrimp and Pork Stuffed PeppersBy The FishmongerWho doesn't love comfort food with a seafood twist? This shrimp and pork stuffed pepper is a fun and easy way to get in those veggies for both kids and adults.
Thyme-Tested American Red Snapper with Pico De GalloBy The FishmongerThis American Red Snapper dish is sure to please all palpates. With a touch of Middle Eastern flavor, and a garnish of a classic pico de Gallo, this will be a favorite seafood dish for years to come.
Orange Coconut ScallopsBy The FishmongerFlavored with warm seasonal spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, then garnished with citrus touches, this sea scallop dish is packed with flavor. It's also fun and colorful, and makes a delightful presentation when served in scallop or clam shells.
Stone Crab and Scallop QuicheBy The FishmongerThis is a new Fishmonger Approved original favorite! This colorful, yet elegant quiche is loaded with Florida stone crab, sea scallops, a unique blend of seasonings, and topped with whole claws tips that boast a playful deliciousness!
Garbanzo Gazpacho with Gulf ShrimpBy The FishmongerA garbanzo bean and shrimp twist on a classic gazpacho makes this recipe elegant yet playful. The gazpacho can be eaten as a soup, dip or bread topping. You choose!
Smoked Salmon SpreadBy The FishmongerThis dish combines the perfect balance of smoke, cream cheese, celery crunch and seasonings to create the most delicious salmon spread you've ever tasted.
Pear and Cran-Apple ChutneyBy The FishmongerPacked with Fall flavors, this is one of those condiments that you'll want to make over and over again. Perfect for salmon, sandwiches and non-seafood dishes, you can use this chutney on nearly anything, especially the holiday table! Also great for gifts.
Seasoned FlourBy The FishmongerSeasoned flour is a mixture of all purpose flour, corn flour, and spices that can be used to coat fish fillets and other seafood items prior to frying or searing. It can also be used to thicken soups and sauces. When we mention seasoned flour in our recipes, we refer to this blend of flour and spices.
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