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Grouper Tomato Potato Au GratinBy The FishmongerCheese can enhance the flavors of many seafood dishes, and the correct cheese is a win-win if incorporated in creative and delicious ways. This recipe is a perfect example to this theory, in which a delicate scamp grouper is paired with aged Pecorino Toscano and Pecorino Romano Cheeses, infusing the entire dish with a nutty hint of spice and mild saltiness that is very distinct. It is a hearty meal full of complimentary flavors that you are certain to enjoy.
Shrimp and Spanish Mussels PastaBy The FishmongerAttention pasta and seafood lovers!! If you're looking for a quick, easy and flavorful meal for two (or more), this is the dish for you. Serve with wine, bread and candlelight for a romantic "Lady and the Tramp" moment.
Smoked White Fish Jalapeño PoppersBy The FishmongerThis recipe is a twist on the traditional jalapeno popper. These poppers are an inside-out fish spread appetizer - spicy pepper outside with the creamy smoke fish surprise on the inside!
Smoked Salmon ToastsBy The FishmongerThis salmon appetizer is perfect for parties, a weekend breakfast or any occasion where you're looking to impress guests and enjoy a delicious treat. Either smoke your own salmon or purchase as a local market.
Zaatar SpiceBy The FishmongerThe perfect warm spice for the Fall. Use it in soups or pastas for a punch of flavor and excitement. While you can purchase pre-made Zaatar spice, I prefer making and grinding my own spices for the freshest flavor.
Roasted RootsBy The FishmongerA colorful side dish makes all the difference when serving seasonal dishes to family and friends. Serve this colorful herb-infused roasted root dish to accompany any classic fish-focused main course. This recipe also has hints of garlic and citrus, making it slightly addictive.
Arrabbiata (“angry”) Spice MixBy The FishmongerThis French-inspired seasoning mix packs some heat and tons of flavor. It's perfect for a Italian or French cuisine and may become your favorite pantry staple.
Caribbean Mahi-Mahi with Brown Coconut RiceBy The FishmongerI'm blessed to have a backyard packed to the brim with fruit trees. In Florida, backyard banana and citrus trees are fairly common, so why not make use of them to create delicious fish dishes? This Carribean Mahi is so fun and flavorful, you'll think you're in the Caribbean.
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