Pasta e Vongole con GamberiBy The FishmongerThis simple but elegant seafood dish features fresh Florida clams from Pine Island and Gulf white shrimp delivered directly via Benny B's Seafood Trading Company Inc.
Shrimp and Pork Stuffed PeppersBy The FishmongerWho doesn't love comfort food with a seafood twist? This shrimp and pork stuffed pepper is a fun and easy way to get in those veggies for both kids and adults.
Thyme-Tested American Red Snapper with Pico De GalloBy The FishmongerThis American Red Snapper dish is sure to please all palpates. With a touch of Middle Eastern flavor, and a garnish of a classic pico de Gallo, this will be a favorite seafood dish for years to come.
Grilled Everything Red SnapperBy Guest ChefThis American Red Snapper dish is meant to be cooked outside and only requires a grill and one pan for all the cooking! Snapper is available in markets throughout Florida, so this dish is perfect for the home cook. The snapper is accompanied by a grilled cauliflower steak, charred scallions, and a smoky buerre blanc
Stone Crab and Scallop QuicheBy The FishmongerThis is a new Fishmonger Approved original favorite! This colorful, yet elegant quiche is loaded with Florida stone crab, sea scallops, a unique blend of seasonings, and topped with whole claws tips that boast a playful deliciousness!
Poached and Paired Tuna MeltBy The FishmongerThis is not your mother's tuna melt! Fresh tuna poached in a seasoned broth is the key ingredient! This is the ultimate tuna melt. It's literally "paired" with pears, blended with a unique mustard sauce and topped with a creamy Gruyere cheese. It's sure to impress your family and friends!
Grouper Tomato Potato Au GratinBy The FishmongerCheese can enhance the flavors of many seafood dishes, and the correct cheese is a win-win if incorporated in creative and delicious ways. This recipe is a perfect example to this theory, in which a delicate scamp grouper is paired with aged Pecorino Toscano and Pecorino Romano Cheeses, infusing the entire dish with a nutty hint of spice and mild saltiness that is very distinct. It is a hearty meal full of complimentary flavors that you are certain to enjoy.
Shrimp and Spanish Mussels PastaBy The FishmongerAttention pasta and seafood lovers!! If you're looking for a quick, easy and flavorful meal for two (or more), this is the dish for you. Serve with wine, bread and candlelight for a romantic "Lady and the Tramp" moment.
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