Madras TilefishBy The FishmongerGolden tilefish is known as the “clown of the sea,” due to its striking polka-dotted blue, green, rose and yellow coloration and features. (I personally refer to it as the "Doctor Suess Fish". ) The flavor is mild but distinctive, often compared to lobster or crab, which is not surprising since the tilefish is a bottom-feeder grazing mostly on shrimp, crabs, shellfish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers and squid. This Madras Tilefish dish is light and flavorful, with touches of warm spice throughout.
Smoked Mahi Monte Cristo with Apple ChutneyBy The FishmongerThis recipe is an addictive one, so be prepared! The sweet and spicy apply chutney paired with the smoked mahi and turkey, covered in melted gouda cheese, make this dish a fall-flavored favorite. And make sure to visit our YouTube Channel to learn how to smoke mahi and for the full video on how to make this delicious sandwich.
Tuna Tiki with Grilled Pineapple, Beans & RiceBy The FishmongerAhi tuna is the Hawaiian name for yellowfin or bigeye and can be eaten raw or lightly seared. Some varieties of tuna are best eaten raw, while others are better prepared cooked throughout or canned. So, it’s important you know what your recipe calls for before you purchase tuna. The following recipe calls for Ahi tuna, but if you have a reputable fishmonger who has fresh blackfin tuna, that works just as well.
Aloha GrouperBy The FishmongerAloha grouper gets its name because it is a blend of Hawaiian, Polynesian and Asian-influenced flavors, reminiscent of a gastronomic tropical island experience! This dish calls for grouper, but any firm, flaky white fish can be substituted. Enjoy!
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