Smoked Salmon SpreadBy The FishmongerThis dish combines the perfect balance of smoke, cream cheese, celery crunch and seasonings to create the most delicious salmon spread you've ever tasted.
Roasted RootsBy The FishmongerA colorful side dish makes all the difference when serving seasonal dishes to family and friends. Serve this colorful herb-infused roasted root dish to accompany any classic fish-focused main course. This recipe also has hints of garlic and citrus, making it slightly addictive.
Butternut Squash SoupBy The FishmongerFall flavors aren't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Florida. But with Thanksgiving coming, we can't help but pair this Butternut Squash Soup with some of our favorite fish sandwiches. Try this side dish with our Grouper Rueben or Smoked Mahi Monte Cristo sandwich.
Maximo Seafood Shack Smoked Whitefish SpreadBy The FishmongerA unique version of fish spread as it contains healthy portions of fish and moderate amounts of mayo and cream cheese. This spread was created with customer influence for Maximo Seafood Shack. I called it whitefish spread simply because we used any type of "white" fish available, from grouper to amberjack, with exception of salmon.

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