Zaatar SpiceBy The FishmongerThe perfect warm spice for the Fall. Use it in soups or pastas for a punch of flavor and excitement. While you can purchase pre-made Zaatar spice, I prefer making and grinding my own spices for the freshest flavor.
Arrabbiata (“angry”)¬†Spice MixBy The FishmongerThis French-inspired seasoning mix packs some heat and tons of flavor. It's perfect for a Italian or French cuisine and may become your favorite pantry staple.
Creole SeasoningBy The FishmongerThe perfect base seasoning for your southern comfort foods, this seasoning should be made in bulk and can be found in my Shrimp n Grits recipe and used with any creole or cajun-inspired dish.
Mango ChutneyBy The FishmongerMango Chutney is Fall staple ingredient made popular by our Pared Tuna Melt. The flavors are warm, sweet, spicy with a touch of tanginess. Add this to oatmeal, meat dishes, and chicken dishes as well. You won't be disappointed.
Florida Infused Olive OilBy The FishmongerThis herb-filled olive oil makes the perfect dipping oil for bread and cooking oil for seafood. Play around with your own herbs and spices to create a one-of-a-kind flavor-filled dish.
Rub Spice BlendBy The FishmongerThis was designed to be used as a seasoning for Maximo Seafood Shack Whitefish Spread. It can also be used as a topping for fish prior to grilling, sauteing, or broiling. Make in bulk so that you can have readily on hand when needed!
Seafood Shack SpiceBy The FishmongerSeafood Shack spice is a great condiment that can be used to flavor to peel n' eat shrimp or crab boils, or it can be used as a condiment for a variety of foods. Make this recipe in bulk so you can have it handy at anytime!
Papaya Pico de GalloBy The FishmongerThis is a delicious version of Pico de Gallo. Flavorful and slightly sweet, it has a heat kick but no onion or vinegar added, so it can be used as an addition to other main entry items that already have an acid and complimentary onion spice.
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