Yellowfin Tuna Contamination: Find Out Which Florida Seafood Operators Were Affected

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Eight seafood importers in the US recently imported contaminated Yellowfin Tuna. Several of these importers operate in Florida.

A total recall was issued after the fish caused many people to contract Scombrotoxin poisoning. All of the contaminated fish was purchased from Truong Phu Xahn.

The FDA is warning restaurants and retailers to follow the source back, as some seafood may have carried labels that doesn’t show they’re from Truong Phu Xahn, but may still be affected by the recall.

Scombrotoxin poisoning is especially problematic because it is histamine based and neither heat, nor cold, affect it. Within an hour of consuming Scombrotoxin, many suffer from headaches, blurry vision, cramps, itching and diarrhea. Fortunately, those symptoms rarely last beyond 12 hours.

Companies who potentially sold contaminated fish in Florida are Mical Seafood from Davie, Florida; Miami’s Aquabest Seafood; and Gamma Seafood by Medley companies.

Contaminated fish also came from Rhode Island, New Jersey and California. Read the full FDA report, click here.

Consumers who have symptoms should contact their health care provider to report their symptoms and receive care.


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